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Warranties by Foxx Motor Sports in Crystal Lake, IL


Our commitment to you is to select the very best pre-owned vehicles. Unfortunately, no matter how carefully our vehicles are serviced and inspected, used vehicles may develop repair problems. In spite of our best efforts, parts may break or wear out leading to expensive repairs.

To protect you from expensive future repairs, we do offer you the opportunity to purchase a service contract through several third party service provider companies. There are a variety of plans available for vehicles less than 20 years old and under 200,000 miles at affordable prices to protect your purchase. You also have the option of having the vehicle inspected by an independent mechanic prior to taking delivery. We have never turned someone down for having an independent inspection done. Keep in mind....due to insurance restriction it has to be done within a 10 mile radius of the store.

Our most popular warranties are insured by Cars Protection Plus. An A+ rated Company with the Better Business Bureau. Coverage varies with different cars with varying mileage but a typical one is as follows:

Basic Powertrain:  $299 for 3 months or 4,500 miles with a 'pay as you go' program for $39.95 per month afterwards.

Engine:  Lubricated parts within the engine block, cylinder heads, intake manifold, pistons, piston tings, wrist pins, connecting rings and bearings, crank shaft and bearings, camshaft and bearings, timing chain, guides, tensioner and gears, valve covers, rocker arms/shafts and bushings, intake/exhaust valves and valve springs, seats, guides, push rods and hydraulic valves, oil pump and oil pan.

Automatic Transmission/Transfer Case:  Lubricated parts contained within the transmission or transfer case housing, torque convertor, bands, pump housing, carrier assembly, planetary gears, chains, drums, reaction shaft, governor, valve body and servo assemblies.

Drive Axle Assembly:  Lubricated parts contained within the front and rear drive axle assembly, main shaft, wheel bearings, side carrier bearings, pinion bearings, ring and pinion, side gears, spider gears and case, drive shaft, universal joints, constant velocity joints, and 4X4 hubs.

Seals and Gaskets:  Seals and Gaskets are covered when required in conjunction with the recovered replacement of a covered component. Cylinder head gaskets are covered for combustion and coolant leaks. Intake gaskets are covered for coolant leaks. 

Traditional 2 year unlimited mileage Value Plus Warranty includes all the above:  $1,069 depending on vehicle/miles: Plus:

Steering Components:  Power steering pump/motor, gear box, rack and pinion, and high pressure lines.

Brake Components:  Master Cylinder, wheel cylinder, calipers, ABS Hydraulic components, ABS Speed sensors, and ABS control module.

Air Conditioning:  Compressor, clutch, condenser, accumulator and evaporator.

Engine Cooling System:  Radiator, heater core, electrical cooling fan motor, water pump, fan clutch, thermostats, and recovery tank.

Electrical Components:  Starter motor, alternator, voltage regulator, distributor, ignition coils, front and rear wiper motors, power window motors and switches, power sear motors, and power window door locks and actuators.

Labor:  $70.00 per hour is covered.

Roadside Assistance:  Provides Towing, battery service, jump start, fuel, oil and water delivery and lock out assistance. 

Stop by the Dealer for finalized details and pricing on the vehicle of your choice.